It was a blast seeing family and friends spending new years in Shanghai.

Now back in London, back to meetings and checked out the new WIBN in chiswick just next door.

I have a very good feeling about March….To be continued.


Shanghai, New Years Eve with friends


London, with family


Most people asked why did I go to New York for two months, in short I was very bored of my 20 years in London, now I am back I feel refreshed and recharged ready for 2018.

First week of flat hunting was hell, so many scams, broker’s fee, small spaces etc. I decided to stay in a hotel for the duration. All in all I had a really great time there, enjoyed eating out at different places everyday, checking out all the hotspots and nice bars. My favourite place by far has to be The Polo Bar for sure. I did miss my dog, Bella a lot thou.

Before I left I went to check out BNI Chiswick for a bit of early morning networking.

Shot The Langman Cup in memory of Roy Edward Langman at Epsom Polo Club; with HAC vs. Epsom Polo Club, Veridis & Co vs. Guiness vs. Joyce. It was a super day, great games and great turn out. Sponsored by Group Solanet, Taittinger Champagne, Artumes & Co, Joyce Guiness, Meuineir’s Gin, Sir Plus & Veridis & Co.

Shanghai next! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone x


New York


The Langman Cup @ Epsom Polo Club

Meant to write sooner, this month has gone quickly, next week will be Oct already..

Another early morning, networking at BNI Clapham.

Shoots at Royal Artillery Equestrian Centre next to the coast, thought I was going to see a lot of men in uniform, I guess they were off at the weekend; Great Bookham Equestrian Centre, very interesting Portuguese style of riding and costume, even first time for me, images can be seen in Natural Horse Photography 2017 and shot of Alto from Tally Ho Stables got published in Horse magazine Oct issue, don’t know you if you guys have seen it?

Had a bit of cleanse, most of the social media got deleted – Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter,  and Google+. Only Luru Wei Photography Facebook Page remaining at the moment. I don’t miss it. Miss the old ways when we lived without all that, even mobile, more natural human contact…

Taken some time out in South of France, St Tropez – my favourite part of the world, a small town yet civilised. Did a lot of eating, drinking and sunning. Gone back to some old spots and checked out some new places: Bagatelle, Nikki Beach & Le Club 55 on the beach; food is always great at Byblos and can’t fault the truffles at Caprice des Deux. And of course checked out polo there at Polo Club St Tropez, This was the first time I have driven to Europe and Bella’s first overseas trip, got to say it’s a lot easier to have a dog in France, they are allowed everywhere.

Also passed Deauville, thought I can check out polo there but their season ends in Aug and just rained. Mont Saint-Michel, highly recommended if you haven’t been. Eze, on my way there remembered that I have already been before. Nice, did an airport run, it’s what is. And Paris, still dirty, had lunch on Champs Elysees…

Next, New York City!


Portuguese riding costume @ Great Bookham Equestrian Centre

HORSE magazine Oct issue

Alto, Tally Ho Stables @ Horse Magazine


Luru & Bella @ Nikki Beach, St Tropez


Can’t believe now it is almost mid Aug, where did all the time go…

July, my dear aunt, Bing Wei, and my favourite cousin were in town visiting.

Carried on with a few networking events – The Women in Business Network WIBN both Chelsea and Mayfair branch. Also visited 7AMonth in Mayfair too.

Shoot wise visited Boomerang Stables, met a lovely dressage rider and a few kangaroos.

Finish off with bit of social event at Ham Polo Club, meeting some old friends from polo the field.

Now waiting for Sept, making my escape plans…



President Clinton, Bing Wei & President Bush


Boomerang Stables


There are so many words I can describe June, it all started so well, but I guess it’s noting but down when you have reached top.

Absolutely loved La Traviata at Glydebourne, it was magical, beautiful people in a fairytale setting, sang so soulfully and all so romantic…

Joined some networking event at East meets West with a fascinating speech from Simon Thomas, CEO of The Hippodrome Casino London with it’s history and a lot of people attending from the property industry.

And also attended the Siah Howard L’Atelier Couture Show at Bankside Gallery, what a cool party running along side of an art setting and fashionistas in tow. Specially loved Natalia Avdeeva’s ink on paper study of London’s Thames cityscape.


Luru pre Glyndebourne


Copy right of East meets West


Sian Howards L’Atelier Couture Show


Natalia Avdeeva’s Above and Beyond


I was asked recently “What do you photograph for fun?” “I don’t.” that was my response.

Most of people think that a photographer just go around taking snaps all the time.

But for me, I take it very seriously, it’s what I do for a living, I will only take shots where there is a client or market for it, it helps that I love what I do. And of course you also need to be good at what you do and driven.

I take over 4,000 images per weekend, so you won’t be seeing me taking my camera on any holiday, there is a lot goes into the business itself, think admin, marking, networking, planning, hiring, retouching etc.

And talk about retouching, I have recently come across SleekLens, they have so many useful pre set actions for Photoshop that will save you time and money. Currently I have SleekLens’ Portrait Actions and will show you some examples in a bit. If you are still short of time they also provide SleekLens Photo Editing Service. And you can see some of their action example on Sleeklens’ Pinterest too.

Here is couple of mine from Wood Farm, before and after, it took me 2 seconds, really. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 14.40.52Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 14.47.36

Hope everyone is enjoy the beginning of your weekend, sun is shining!

Bit of catch up, start of the equine season so we shall be shooting all weekends and May is now full booked. Last month we have visited Bourne Meadows, Southend Farm, Barnfields Stable and Wood Farm. Met some lovely people and their horses. All the images can be seen in our new Natural Horse Photography 2017.

Also recently just back from Shanghai for my grandfather’s 90s birthday and mine. Already misses the food, don’t think 10 days was enough.

Anyone heading over to Badminton Horse Trials this weekend?


Natural Horse Photography


Natural Horse Photography


Luru with her family

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend!  Just want to catch up with you all and mention few names.

We have done shoots at Cornlio Riding and Parley Equestrian Centre, all photos can be seen in our Natural Horse Photography 2016. We had over 120 clients this year and counting! On the 18th Oct we also covered Parwood Equestrian Centre‘s show jumping event .

Also traveled to Monaco for Sportel Awards, lots of steak, black cod and wine, spoiled!

We have also added our current vacancies on our website, do check it out, looking for a Part Time Sales person at the moment.

Till next time…


Sportel Awards, Monaco

Can’t believe it’s the 1st of Dec already, hope everyone is enjoying the sunny weather even though its cold.

Just to wanted to catch up with you all with what we have been up to.

Back to Parwood Equestrian Centre for some showjumping on both 8th and 29th Nov.

Also covered the event for World Horse Welfare at House of Commons, which was my first time been there, super exciting.

Joined the private view of Nichola Eddery’s Making Paces at Osborne Studio Gallery, enjoyed her paintings of the race horses and horse racing scene.

Lastly we have Nausicaa joined us, looking after PR & Sales, do get in touch if you are planing your campaign for next year.

All is well hope to have a better year next, although can’t complain about this year…

Do get in touch if you would like to purchase some Gift Vouchers and get more prints and canvas.


World Horse Welfare at House of Commons

Would like to give a shout out for all the lovely people at the stables we have been during September: Crouch Farm, Brockingbury Stud, Yaxley Riding Centre and Mount Pleasant Equestrian. All images can be seen in our Natural Horse Photography 2016. We now only have last weekend Oct free if your yard would like to book it in for a photo shoot.

We also covered Royds Withy King‘s drinks reception to celebrate their recent merger at the Sky Loft, Millbank Tower on 29 September 2016.

Can’t wait for our trip to Monaco in less than 20 days, it will be very much event filled.

We are also looking for a new part time sales person at the moment, do get in touch with your cv if you think it might be suitable.

Hope you all have a great week!